5 Consequences of Bad Lighting in the Workplace

It’s challenging to notice incremental changes at the workplace when you spend 40+ hours there a week. But something as seemingly minor as poor lighting could be the reason behind several people’s reduced performance. Noting these five consequences of bad lighting in the workplace alerts you to the problems that could arise.

1) Constant Headaches

One of the first consequences you’ll experience from inadequate lighting is frequent headaches. Poor lighting in the office leads to agonizing headaches, making it difficult to concentrate on the tasks at hand. The quality of work you do daily is directly proportional to the severity of your headaches.

Headaches caused by inadequate lighting are avoidable by using desk lights or a computer lamp to illuminate the workspace; however, one should first investigate the causes of insufficient lighting and take corrective measures.

2) Painful Eye Strain

The major contributor to those pesky headaches is severe eye strain. Eye strain discomfort can be debilitating and potentially lead to other eye issues. One’s eyesight might degrade if one works under poor lighting conditions for too long. Additionally, computer use is ubiquitous in the workplace. This, coupled with subpar illumination, is a recipe for eye strain and the eventual blurring of vision.

Adjusting the contrast and brightness of the computer screen to a comfortable level and using desk lights might help reduce eye strain caused by improper illumination. If that fails, moving the desk closer to a window may increase the amount of natural light reaching a workstation.

3) Bad Posture

One problem that can slip under the rug is how horrible lighting affects someone’s posture. A lack of high-lumen LED Edison bulbs may lead to knots in the back and neck. When working in a poorly lit area, you often sit awkwardly to see everything properly. You can alleviate back and neck discomfort with yoga and stretching, but you shouldn’t have to pick up a new exercise routine for something fixable with proper lighting.

4) A Rise in Accidents

Poor lighting could lead to accidents in the workplace. Judging distances, sizes, and depths in low-light conditions is more challenging. This makes it a potential site for any number of mishaps. Because of this, construction sites and other volatile working environments must prioritize proper lighting solutions.

5) Decrease in Productivity

Ultimately, if a workplace’s lighting situation contributes to someone falling victim to any of the problems above, productivity goes down the tubes. When someone has a splitting headache, all their focus goes toward that discomfort instead of the task at hand. Similarly, accidents could leave a team a person short, causing everyone to fall behind schedule. In summary, you don’t want lousy lighting to be why the company falters.

Every good business recognizes and takes the appropriate actions to prevent others from the five consequences of bad lighting in the workplace. Trusting the top-notch lighting solutions from Stylighting guarantees everyone sees clearly, and there are no obstacles in the way!

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