5 Reasons To Use Light Bulbs That Mimic Sunlight

Did you know that natural light heavily impacts our moods, sleeping schedules, daytime productivity, and more? Here are five reasons to use light bulbs that mimic sunlight in your home or business.

Benefit Your Sleeping Habits

Our bodies are constantly on a circadian rhythm. This internal cycle controls our sleeping habits, and lighting heavily impacts it. Basically, exposure to blue light (which the sun naturally emits) during the day keeps us alert and productive. Then, as the sun sets, our bodies begin relaxing and preparing for restful sleep.

However, electronic devices also emit blue light. These include smartphones, computers, televisions, and certain LEDs. Using these devices close to bedtime disrupts your natural circadian rhythm and lowers the quality of your sleep. Luckily, sunlight-mimicking LED bulbs utilize low-blue-light technology that promotes more natural sleeping habits.

Reduce Symptoms of Seasonal Depression

Have you ever felt down for long stretches of time during the winter season? People often refer to this as seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorder. Various environmental factors cause it.

For one, the cold weather limits social opportunities. This extended isolation can significantly impact a person's mood and mental health. Another factor that causes symptoms of depression during the winter is a lack of sunlight. Thankfully, sunlight light bulbs can replicate this natural light and provide a more consistent environment year round.

Improve Day-Time Productivity

Natural light doesn't just improve your mood—it also increases productivity. Blue light during daytime hours helps stimulate the brain and raise awareness and energy levels. However, heavy exposure to blue light, especially from electronic devices, overstimulates our bodies, delays normal sleeping schedules, and even causes eye strain.

So a sunlight-mimicking lighting system in your home or building can provide you with a more natural environment that keeps you productive throughout the day. In fact, many commercial buildings and offices use low-blue light LEDs to increase employees’ moods and energy levels.

Lower Energy Consumption

Our sunlight lighting products utilize LED technology, which conveniently possesses its own helpful benefits. Mainly, LEDs generally consume significantly lower levels of power compared to traditional lighting solutions like incandescents and halogen bulbs.

Plus, LEDs often feature lifespans greater than 25,000 hours. This energy efficiency saves you labor you’d otherwise spend on maintenance and reduces your utility bills, making LEDs of any kind smart investments for your business building or house.

Limit Environmental Impact

Another benefit of LEDs is their limited environmental impact, especially compared to traditional lighting solutions. That same energy efficiency that reduces monthly utility bills also minimizes a building’s carbon footprint by limiting the consumption of natural resources. And since LEDs last long, they're far less likely to end up as harmful waste.

There are many reasons to use light bulbs that mimic sunlight, and even more benefits from switching to LED lighting systems. You can get the best of both worlds and order sunlight LEDs from us at Stylighting today!

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