The Difference Between Back-Lit & Edge-Lit LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are highly regarded for their efficiency, long lifespan, and versatility. When choosing LED panel lights for your business, you might be stuck between back-lit and edge-lit models. Understanding their differences is crucial for improving the ambiance, energy consumption, and maintenance of your spaces.

Back-Lit LED Panel Lights

Back-lit LED panel lights are designed with the LEDs at the back of the panel, directing light straight down to illuminate a space. This fixture offers uniform lighting without shadows, thanks to the even distribution of the LEDs. Back-lit panels offer a cost-effective and efficient lighting solution for countless business owners.

Some other advantages of back-lit LED panels are their depth and heat dissipation. The design allows for good thermal management, resulting in long lifespans and few issues with overheating. However, due to their slightly increased depth, they sometimes require more space in the ceiling, but this isn’t the case in most buildings.

Edge-Lit LED Panel Lights

On the other side of things, edge-lit LED panels feature LEDs around the panel’s perimeter. The light diffuses evenly across the surface through a light guide. This design creates a sleeker-looking lighting design but struggles to fully light a room since the beams travel horizontally before moving downward.

Compared to back-lit panels, edge-lit panels have some drawbacks. The edge-lit design could result in inconsistent lighting over time. While this can help reduce glare, the lack of direct lighting can be a problem in many environments.

Choosing the Best Option for Your Business

Now that you know the key differences between back-lit and edge-lit LED panel lights, it’s time to decide which is best for your business. When making your selection, you should consider the following points:

  • Installation Location: Edge-lit panels are ideal for shallow ceilings due to how thin they are. Also, back-lit panels typically need two inches of space, which is reasonable for most ceilings.
  • Ambiance and Design: While the edge-lit technology can diffuse lights in an aesthetically pleasing way, back-lit panels offer more customization, allowing you to design your lighting scheme accordingly.
  • Budget: Back-lit LED panels are often more affordable than edge-lit models, which can be a crucial factor for economical business owners. Due to their efficiency, back-lit panels can save you more money down the line.
  • Maintenance: You must also consider the ease of access to LED components for repairs or replacements. In this case, back-lit panels generally are easier to maintain since they’re lighter and give you direct access to the LEDs inside.

As you can see, back-lit panels are the best all-around choice for many businesses. If this is the type you want for your office space or commercial building, you should check out our selection of flat-panel LED lights. Take the time to browse our inventory and determine the best panel size for your facility.

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