3 Benefits of Flat Panel LED Lights for Commercial Settings

Every business seeks ways to maximize profit and see how far they can stretch a buck. One of the most underrecognized components that many overlook is their lighting. Some business owners may flip the switch and not think twice about what they’re turning on. But once they see the three benefits of flat panel LED lights for commercial settings, they should jump at the chance to install them instantly.

1) Better Design Leading to Higher Productivity

The goal behind the most advanced LED technology is to create the brightest bulbs possible. The typical design includes a tri-layer aluminum frame, significantly reducing light leakages. The diffuser ensures that the whole surface of the guide plate illuminates to the highest possible standard. 

By providing adequate lighting, commercial settings should see a boost in productivity because the diffuser and guide plate work together to disperse and soften the light from the light source properly. After installing these lights, you won’t have to worry about RF interference, flickering, or buzzing. Workers will feel comfortable and not have any distractions that reduce their ability to complete tasks.

2) Longer Lifespan

Compared to traditional lighting options like fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs, LEDs consume less energy. An LED light bulb uses roughly half the energy of a standard incandescent bulb (6 W vs. 12 W) but produces the same amount of light. Because of this, switching to LEDs can result in significant cost savings and reduced bulb replacement frequency, which is helpful for any commercial business.

Since the lights are energy-efficient, they last significantly longer than other lighting options. A typical incandescent bulb lasts only 1,500 hours, whereas an LED flat panel can shine bright for around 60,000 hours. The decreased need for lighting replacement proves why LED flat panels are worthwhile.

3) High Durability

We know that LED flat panels can last eons compared to other bulbs. While energy efficiency is a critical factor in the effectiveness of flat panel lighting, its durability ensures you’ll get maximum usage out of it.

LED flat panels are more durable than standard bulbs since they don’t utilize wire glass. The acrylic paint that makes up these lamps is impervious to many corrosive agents and can withstand extreme heat and cold. Finally, they’re also very resistant to moisture, so you won’t need to worry about the climate conditions from outside or within the building negatively affecting your LED flat panels.

It’s clear from the three benefits of flat panel LED lights for commercial settings that opting for these light fixtures is the best for business. Stylighting can provide high-quality LED ceiling light panels if you’re looking for better lighting options for your building. Whether a small office or a massive warehouse, Stylighting’s LED flat panels offer the sharpest and safest illumination you can buy.

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