How the Right Lighting Can Help You Sell Your House

If you have ever watched a show on HGTV, natural lighting is one of the most common themes you’ll hear. Unless you’re a vampire, everyone craves natural lighting in their home. Potential purchasers will leave with negative sentiments about your home if it resembles a cave. When you have an open house or a showing, open every curtain to let as much light into the home as possible. If it still feels dim and gloomy, learning how the right lighting can help you sell your house could save the day.

Task Lighting

For tasks like cooking, doing makeup, or reading in the kitchen, bathroom, or office, you’ll need more light than in other parts of the house. The kitchen’s under-cabinet, over-island, and over-sink spaces are particularly important to illuminate. Place lighting fixtures on the wall above or beside bathroom mirrors. There should be at least one central ceiling light, some recessed lighting, and a desk lamp in an office to illustrate to the buyers what the home can be.

Improving the Aesthetic

While it’s nice to have adequate lighting to do tasks around the house, aesthetically appealing light fixtures’ sole purpose is to look good. The most common places to find this kind of lighting are in public spaces like foyers and dining rooms, as well as private spaces like bedrooms and living rooms. In addition to the primary light source, smaller rooms may benefit from using decorative lighting such as table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, and recessed lights.

Find the Right Size

Swapping out undersized lights with their larger counterparts is a quick and simple way to improve the look and feel of a space. We like looking for bigger lights because of the wide variety of inexpensive stylish options that can completely transform a space’s feel.

Use Layers

The key is to layer lighting to control the brightness of specific areas, such as wall sconces and recessed lights with dimmers. It’s also a good idea to replace seldom-used vintage fans with modern light fixtures to give the room a cohesive feel.

Updating Your Fixtures

Changing out the furniture and lighting for something more modern is a simplistic way to update the look of a space. While you’re at it, make sure the light is showcasing the room’s best features. Furthermore, confirm that all bulbs are functional and replace burned-out ones. If you need replacement bulbs, opt for LED PAR light bulbs.

Selling your home is one of the most stress-inducing things, so knowing how the right lighting can help you sell your house will hopefully make the process easier. Stylighting can help with our extraordinary selection of LED light fixtures. We guarantee your home will never look better.

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