3 Stylish Ways To Optimize Your Salon Lighting

Are you hoping to upgrade the functionality and design of your beauty care business's lights? Here are three simple and stylish ways to optimize your salon lighting with the help of LED technology.

Functionality at Work: LEDs for Essential Areas

While it's important to focus on your lighting system's ambiance and overall visual appearance, ensuring high-quality light is priority number one. Ultimately, your salon lighting illuminates the space for safer and more accurate beauty work. As such, utilize high-lumen LED filament bulbs around workstations (styling chairs, shampoo/color bar, etc.) to provide employees with the most functional and beneficial set-up. Save decorative accent lamps and lights for less essential locations like the waiting room. These devices don't produce adequate functional light for working purposes but contribute to your salon's ambiance.

Embrace a Style: Decorative LEDs

LEDs aren't just ideal lighting solutions that reduce energy consumption while maintaining high-lumen outputs—they can also be quite stunning décor pieces in your salon! Outfitting your space with interesting and visually appealing bulbs and fixtures is a simple way to elevate your business.

Thanks to their flexible technology, LEDs come in many different shapes and sizes, allowing you to find a fixture or lamp that fits your salon. We even carry LEDs with shaped filaments and custom colors for superior uniqueness. Best of all, you can enjoy the benefits of decorative lighting systems without breaking the bank on energy bills each month.

Customize the Ambiance: Color-Changing Technology

Consider ordering products that feature color-changing technology when purchasing LEDs for your salon. These devices, which still boast the many benefits of standard LED light bulbs, can also shift color temperature and hue in mere seconds. This handy ability allows for superior control over the ambiance. You can adjust the accent lighting throughout the day to better fit the mood of your store. Again, we recommend implementing practical, standard lighting in active workspaces and saving decorative fixtures for the walls or waiting sections.

Following these three stylish ways to optimize your salon lighting can significantly benefit your business. Apart from boosting safety and visibility, upgrading your bulbs and fixtures strengthens your brand. For help finding the perfect lighting solutions for your salon, check out our selection at Stylighting.

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