4 Signs Your Indoor Plants Could Benefit From Grow Lights

Many indoor plants often lack the proper amount of sunlight required to grow successfully. Luckily, horticulture lamps are an affordable and easy solution, as these LEDs can nourish your plants regardless of their environment. Here are the four most common signs that your indoor plants could benefit from grow lights.

Plant Growth Looks Sparse

The most obvious indication that your indoor plants require additional light is sparse growth. When plants don’t receive proper sunlight, they grow longer stems in hopes of finding some. As a result, your plants begin to look smaller and less bountiful. Additionally, leaves typically shrivel or grow more slowly, leading to a less-healthy overall appearance. Your plant may even stop growing altogether!

Plants Beg for Sunlight

Did you know that your plants can beg for sunlight? More accurately, light-starved vegetation will lean toward sources of light, including leaves, branches, and even roots. If you notice this behavior, you will want to consider supplemental light sources for your plants.

Leaves Produce Brown Spots or Discoloration

Another sign of an undernourished indoor plant is the development of brown spots on the tips of its leaves. This phenomenon is typically specific to certain indoor vegetation, such as fiddle-leaf figs. For most other light-deprived plants, their leaves turn yellow or pale green.

Soil Stays Wet for Too Long

Soil becomes dry as water is absorbed through a plant’s roots. However, when vegetation doesn’t have proper access to sunlight, it can’t conduct the photosynthetic process, which includes water absorption. As a result, the soil surrounding these indoor plants is often wet for weeks at a time. Most individuals mistake this issue as a problem with the soil condition, when simply installing quality grow lights often is the best solution.

By recognizing the four common signs that your indoor plants could benefit from grow lights, you can ensure your vegetation grows large and bountiful! Check out our selection of horticulture lamps and lights here at Stylighting and find the perfect solution for you.

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