3 Tips for Installing LED Ceiling Light Panels

While LED technology is advanced, properly setting up these devices is actually quite simple. For your convenience, here are three helpful tips for installing LED ceiling light panels.

Five Prep Steps

You should take five preparation steps before installing your LED ceiling light panels to ensure success. First, check that the LED is powered by an external LED driver. Then, completely disconnect your LED equipment from its power supply. You should also do this when conducting regular maintenance on your light panels.

The third step is ensuring the power cords are in good condition and properly connected to your LED device. Next, ensure your desired installation location has suitable space for proper heat dissipation. Lastly, remove any insulation materials or mats that may be covering your light panel. Following these steps before installing your LED lights will guarantee success.

Use TCP Quick Connect Wiring

Most LED ceiling light panel installations involve wiring processes that are as difficult as they are time-consuming for the average individual. These processes include connecting various wires from the driver to the LED device, ensuring proper connections. However, one benefit of ordering our flat panel LED lights is our included TCP Quick Connect Wiring technology!

This added feature has a 6-node prewired connector conveniently placed to allow for faster daisy chaining. Ultimately, the TCP Quick Connect Wiring addition helps reduce installation times by 75 percent! So if you truly want to make the installation process more straightforward, consider purchasing panel lights from our Stylighting product line.

When In Doubt, Call the Pros

Most people aren’t natural electricians, and even easy-to-install LED ceiling light panels require a degree of skill. If you’re finding the process difficult and time-consuming, consider hiring a professional electrician with LED experience.

An electrician will be able to install your lights faster with fewer hiccups. Plus, they’re less likely to accidentally damage the LED equipment or existing wiring, which can be expensive to fix. Lastly, hiring an electrician reduces the likelihood of injury to yourself and others.

Use these three tips for installing LED ceiling light panels to ensure a quicker and more successful process! Or contact our friendly team at Stylighting today for additional information on our LED products and proper installation procedures.

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