6 Reasons To Make The Switch to LED Light Bulbs

Are you looking for simple ways to reduce operating costs for your building or facility? Are you hoping to lower your business’s carbon emissions to help protect the environment? Perhaps you desire a more comprehensive lighting system that offers superior control and customization. Regardless of your specific needs, all of this is achievable by utilizing LED light bulbs.

Traditional lighting solutions like filament and incandescent bulbs feature many drawbacks that end up costing your business more every year. Read on to learn the six reasons you should consider making the switch to an LED lighting system for your business.

Longevity and Durability

Undoubtedly, the worst aspect of light bulbs is how frequently they require replacement. Depending on the number of team members in your facility and the design of your building, replacing burnt bulbs isn’t always easy. Not to mention, the costs associated with constantly purchasing new light bulbs are counterproductive to your business.

Luckily, LEDs feature unrivaled longevity that ensures they provide adequate lighting for quite some time. How long, exactly? On average, LEDs function properly for over 50,000 hours; traditional lighting solutions, such as incandescent, halogen bulbs, etc., typically only last for a mere fraction of that time. Even CFLs, which are known for their exceptional designs, can’t beat the longevity of LEDs.

But lights burning out isn’t your only concern. Sometimes, traditional bulbs are damaged due to outside factors that hinder their ability to function properly. LEDs feature highly durable components, as opposed to glass or filaments, that protect the lights from exterior damage. This makes LEDs exceptionally practical in highly active environments, like industrial facilities, schools, governmental buildings, outdoor spaces, and more.

Energy Consumption and Savings

LEDs aren’t simply known for their longevity and durability—they are also highly cost-effective lighting solutions. This is because, unlike traditional light sources, LEDs are extremely energy efficient. Thanks in part to their high-tech components, lack of toxic materials—such as mercury found in fluorescents—durable design, and advanced control settings, LEDs perform well with lower amounts of power. Additionally, LEDs produce and lose less heat, helping maintain good quality lighting over an extended period of time without unnecessarily consuming energy.

As previously mentioned, LEDs are durable, meaning you’ll save money by avoiding regular replacement purchases. However, the savings associated with lower utility bills for your business are more significant. In fact, LEDs in commercial applications tend to save buildings and facilities 65 to 80 percent on yearly energy bills! With little to no maintenance required, installing LED lighting systems can save your business thousands of dollars.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

With energy efficiency comes positive impacts on the environment. Yes, LEDs are extremely environmentally friendly, perhaps more so than any other lighting solution. There are many reasons why LEDs are so exceptional at reducing a business’s carbon footprint—as already stated, LEDs consume less energy, which means using fewer fossil fuels. Additionally, longevity and durability help reduce your business’s annual e-waste.

Plus, the lack of mercury and other toxic materials, which are found in CFLs and fluorescent bulbs, means LED waste is less harmful to surrounding ecosystems. Lastly, as businesses across the world choose to implement LED lighting solutions, the demand for energy reduces, further helping curb the effects of climate change. Ultimately, there are many motivating reasons to lower your carbon footprint, aside from helping the planet. Mainly, it saves you a lot on operating costs and gives your business a better, more eco-conscious reputation.

Easy Long-Term Maintenance

As we know by now, LEDs are low maintenance. In fact, they typically only require attention during the installation and replacement processes. Outside of those instances, technical repairs are rarely needed for your LED lighting system. By switching to this lighting method, you can cut down on maintenance and repair service charges. Also, the user-friendly design of LEDs means you can handle most technical issues on your own without needing the services of an outside business or engineer.

A Quality Lighting Solution

Aside from the many financial and environmental reasons for choosing LEDs, it’s important to recognize the quality of light produced by this solution. LED lighting systems are extremely suitable in both residential and commercial environments, and help illuminate spaces more efficiently and effectively than traditional light bulbs.

This is because, thanks to their durability, LED lights never dim—they remain effective from hour 0 to hour 50,000. LEDs feature heated filaments that help contribute to this excellent, sustained lighting quality. Rest assured that your LED lighting system won’t flicker, which is distracting, annoying, and can negatively impact your mood and mental health.

Control and Customization

Lastly, the control and customization provided by LED lighting systems are unmatched in comparison to traditional light bulbs. LEDs typically feature color temperature-changing capabilities that allow you to modify a space’s ambience seamlessly. This is especially important because color temperatures affect mood and energy levels. Therefore, having a lighting solution that assists in maintaining good mental health is crucial for any facility, especially offices and schools. If you’re looking to create a calmer, more relaxed working environment, we recommend warmer color temperatures. Cooler temperatures can increase energy and alertness but may also cause strain on the eyes.

As an added bonus, some LED bulbs also feature multiple colors that you can manipulate from an application or other system. Use this feature to create more comprehensive lighting systems throughout your building. Along with changing colors, lighting intensity, and color temperatures, this superior control means you can better manage your lighting system to reduce environmental impact and energy consumption.

There are many reasons to make the switch to LED light bulbs, whether for your school, office, industrial facility, or even home! LEDs offer a plethora of advantages that benefit your finances, mental health, and the environment. If you’re ready to make the change, check out the selection of quality LED products sold here at Stylighting. Our LED A19 bulb product line comes in a wide array of sizes, wattages, color temperatures, colors, and more! Order yours today for quick and easy shipping.

6 Reasons To Make The Switch to LED Light Bulbs

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