6 Reasons To Upgrade the Lighting in Your Gym

Our circadian rhythm keeps our body in check. Any disruption to it could result in you feeling off mentally and physically. Unbeknownst to some, the lighting surrounding us is integral in maintaining said rhythm. It’s paramount that everyone is firing on all cylinders when they are working out at the gym, making top-tier lighting essential. To ensure our circadian rhythm goes uninterrupted, consider these five reasons to upgrade the lighting in your gym.

1) Cost-Efficient Alternative

One primary goal when operating a commercial gym is to make money. It can be challenging to capitalize on everyone’s membership fees when the expenses of running a gym continue to rise. Fortunately, improving the gym’s lighting with a more energy-efficient option can significantly lower your utility bill.

Gym LED lighting may cut your costs in half, depending on the lighting setup you plan to replace. With volatile energy costs and so many uncontrollable economic aspects today, switching to LED gives you vital control over company expenditures.

While LED lights are fantastic, and you might want to replace each fixture with them, you won’t have to because their premium performance means you don’t need as many lights as before. LEDs provide superior light distribution and concentrate light in one area instead of the alternatives that waste energy by generating omnidirectional light, frequently illuminating spaces where light isn’t necessary.

Fewer LED lights are necessary to deliver the same luminosity as the alternatives, helping you save money.

2) Highly Customizable

Many gyms feel like large warehouses with a few benches, treadmills, and elliptical machines. The overall ambiance may dampen the mood, negatively affecting the customers’ workouts. One way to overhaul the feeling of your gym is to experiment with lighting and distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd with customization.

Multi-colored lighting is becoming increasingly popular in the fitness world, and you can hop on the bandwagon and capitalize on the hype. The idea here is the match the mood with the exercise involved. You may not want colorful and vibrant lighting around the squat racks, but that arrangement could work wonders for spin and aerobics classes. When you’re vibing with the music while you’re getting your sweat on, it could feel more like a party than a workout.

In addition to customizing the colors, you can also tinker with dimming. Most LED lights allow you to adjust brightness levels to appease your needs. Not only can that help the atmosphere, but you could even control the settings on your phone, giving you a chance to dim the lighting from the comfort of your home if the gym isn’t busy.

3) Maintenance-Free

When it comes to longevity, LED lights completely outperform previous lighting solutions. Standard halogen lights can last up to 4,000 hours, while incandescent bulbs are only suitable for 2,000 hours. Since the gym’s lights will always be on during business hours, those hours will start adding up quickly, particularly if you are open 24 hours. You’ll have to change your lights every quarter if you use incandescent lights and every six months with halogen lights.

On the contrary, the worst LED lights last a whopping 50,000 hours and can go as long as 100,000 hours. The worst-case scenario with LED lighting is replacing them after 2,000 days. It’s safe to say 2,000 days is much easier to manage than 2,000 hours.

You will discover substantial savings when you examine the replacement costs of old lights throughout the lifespan of LED lights. Even after accounting for the higher initial expenses of LED lighting. LED lights are far less susceptible to problems such as breaking and dimming that are prevalent with older alternatives, leading to hidden costs involved with non-LED lights.

4) Helps the Environment

Only discussing the financial advantages of swapping lights doesn’t do LED lights justice. Regarding safety and eco-friendliness, LED lights are ahead of the class. Older lights contain hazardous substances such as mercury. Exposing your patrons and staff to expanded periods of mercury is negligent, potentially leading to dire consequences.

But the problem doesn’t end there. After you throw away the lights, they remain in landfills, and their toxic elements will pollute the environment. You don’t want to compound the planet’s already dire environmental problems. Since LED lights are more efficient, you’ll help our ecosystem by not putting any more dangerous chemicals out in the world.

We also know that non-LED lights are much more liable to shatter. The idea of a random incandescent light falling to the ground and crashing all over the gym floor sounds like a nightmare. Even if you circle the area a thousand times, you will miss the smallest pieces of broken glass. Having a customer or employee step on it could puncture their shoe and stick them, which is a problem you want to avoid at all costs.

5) Emits Less Heat

While you want to break a sweat in the gym, you don’t want to make matters worse by using light fixtures that emit excessive heat. Ensuring everyone stays comfortable should be a top priority when selecting lighting, and LED flat panels can be your solution.

LED flat-panel lights are the ideal lighting option for any commercial building. Their wide but slender shape enables enhanced lighting coverage and distribution throughout the facility. Furthermore, the LED chips minimize energy usage and heat output. A detailed explanation of how LED lights give off less heat is highly technical and complicated, but rest assured, the math and science checks out.

Ultimately, LED lights aren’t scalding hot because they don’t require as much energy as other fixtures. Remember, although they aren’t as hot as the other options, they are still warm to the touch, so don’t grab a lit LED light thinking you’re safe.

It’s no secret that the transition to LED lighting is happening in droves, and the five reasons to upgrade the lighting in your gym prove it’s a worthwhile investment. The benefits of switching are undeniable, so let Stylighting’s friendly team help you find the most optimal option for your gym!

6 Reasons To Upgrade the Lighting in Your Gym

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