Why LED PAR Bulbs Work Great As Security Lights

PAR stands for “parabolic aluminized reflector.” The first time we saw PAR lights in action were in vehicle headlights. Those earlier PAR lights were incandescent, and halogen-sealed beam lights emitted a great deal of heat, making the lit area rather toasty.

Fortunately, we have made great strides toward a better tomorrow with the addition of LED lighting. LED PAR bulbs illuminate theaters, places of worship, conference centers, and retail stores worldwide. But how do LED PAR bulbs provide security? Let’s discuss why LED PAR bulbs work great as security lights.

Keeping Everyone Safe

Their quality is the most obvious benefit of using LED PAR bulbs for security purposes. The LED chips in PAR bulbs shine brighter while being energy efficient. Security lights don’t help much if they don’t provide ample light around the building.

LED PAR bulbs allow you to highlight specific areas that require more light. You can position these lights so there are no blind spots. With the power and unique characteristics of LED PAR bulbs, you won’t ever have to use your phone as a flashlight to lock up shop.

Just Keep Dimming

LEDs are also highly customizable with dimming capabilities. If they’re too bright, you can turn them down. Motion-sensing PAR LED bulbs are also a great investment since they only activate when someone is in their line of sight. These are nice because any light that turns on unsuspectedly alerts you of something nefarious. It might be as innocent as a cat wandering by, but it should scare away anyone with devious intentions.

In It for the Long Haul

Getting out the ladder and changing bulbs every few months doesn’t sound appealing, particularly if the climate isn’t in your favor. LED bulbs are as close to “set it and forget it” as lights can be.

The average life span of an LED light is 25,000 hours, which translates to almost three years, assuming the lights are on 24/7. However, with motion-sensor lights and other capabilities, you could use your PAR bulbs for only a third of the day, extending the life span to around a decade. Save yourself the headache of installing new bulbs and go with LED PAR bulbs for their everlasting light.

After learning why LED PAR bulbs work great as security lights, it’s evident that you’re missing out if you don’t have LED PAR lamps for your residence. Stylighting is here to change that with our collection of PAR lamps varying in style and wattage.

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