Commercial Lighting Tips for Small Business Owners

Lighting in a commercial building is one thing many people take for granted. Rarely do people realize how important lighting is until someone invests in improving their setup or if something goes incredibly wrong. Try implementing these commercial lighting tips for small business owners to guarantee that your building looks like a million bucks.

Are You Down With LEDs?

Some business owners may replace any light that goes out with something similar. While that makes sense in theory, it doesn’t offer the best results if they continue to use incandescent or halogen bulbs. These lights are slowly phasing out of commercial establishments, but some companies continue to use them if they have them lying around.

The best decision you can make for your business is to transition to LED bulbs. LEDs provide a win-win situation. For starters, the energy-efficient, high-performing bulb will save you money on your utility bills. Secondly, LEDs are environmentally friendly compared to their counterparts.

Install Motion Sensors

If there was one lesson to remember from your childhood, it’s that you must turn off the lights once you leave the room. Unfortunately, employees may be thinking about what they are doing once they clock out and bolt out the door without turning off the lights. If this continues to be a problem, motion sensor lights are the way to go.

Motion sensors ensure the lights are off if no one is in the store. There’s no need for any late-night trips to flip a switch off. Sensor lights are relatively inexpensive, particularly when you consider the benefits involved.

Strategically Place Your Light Fixtures

When it pertains to commercial lighting systems, it’s advisable to arrange them in a way that requires minimal light fixtures. Carefully consider where you want to position your lights to accomplish this goal. Some areas of the store may not need as much lighting as others, so placing one fixture in the center of a small storeroom may be enough to illuminate the space.

Take note of how the light travels from different bulbs to provide the best coverage in your store. While you don’t want anyone to pull out their phone for a flashlight, you don’t want it to feel like visitors are under an interrogation light, either.

Don’t Compromise the Aesthetic

Certain colors can affect a person’s buying habits; therefore, your lighting arrangement must accentuate these colors, enticing customers to buy what you’re selling. Improving the aesthetics and creating an inviting environment rather than a dark and dreary space could be the missing link. Employing top-tier lighting systems is an excellent strategy that allows you to stay one step up of your competition and maximize the instant appeal of your business.

Following these commercial lighting tips for small business owners helps save you money on energy costs, reduces your carbon footprint, and makes your store more appealing to the eyes. Stylighting is here to help you overhaul your commercial lighting setup with our quality selection of LED light bulbs suitable for any situation.

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