Things To Consider When Choosing Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of the most effective ornamental and practical components for your home. The exterior of your property is the first thing someone sees, so it’s paramount that you know what to consider when choosing outdoor lighting. 

How Moisture Affects Lighting

Every outdoor lighting installation falls into three categories: wet, damp, and dry. Differentiating them is essential to ensure you have the appropriate lighting arrangements. Dry lighting fixtures need to be away from wetness as much as possible since excessive moisture can ruin them. You can protect these lights with structures like covered patios.

Damp-rated lights can withstand some wetness, assuming they don’t come into direct contact with it, such as lights hanging above the garage or underneath the front door. Wet fixtures can take on the punishment from heavy storms, so you don’t need to worry about protecting those.

Use the Appropriate Size

While enormous lighting fixtures might provide extra light to a big backyard, they will overshadow your home and divert focus from it. It is beneficial to choose a lighting fixture size that complements the other features of your property. You don’t want your lighting installation to obstruct a door or walkway. Floodlights make sense if you want to shine a light on your yard, but you don’t want that near a walkway. It will feel like you have a police helicopter following you. 

Stylish and Practical

You want outside lights to brighten the exterior of your property at night. However, remember that your lighting fixtures are visible throughout the day. For that reason, you should choose a lighting design that provides a unified aesthetic to your yard. Classic outdoor lights with intricate patterns and beautiful elements like flourishes and curving hooks look great for older homes.

Consider contemporary outdoor lights for a modern house, defined by their simplistic aesthetics. Transitional lighting fixtures offer the best of both worlds, combining features of modern and traditional homes. Most homeowners are at ease with these alternatives since they are neither as plain as contemporary models nor as extravagant as traditional fixtures. Incorporate colors that complement your estate’s theme to present a stunning exterior. 

How Durable Are They?

Settling on the perfect style and color won’t do you any favors if they the fixture isn’t durable. Many outdoor lighting fixtures are metal; however, not all metal fixtures are the same.

Aluminum is a popular choice for low-income homes because of its price and durability. Furthermore, it is corrosion- and dust-resistant. Stainless steel isn’t, although it’s visually more appealing. Brass may survive for years but has a greater upfront cost. Although brass is more durable than copper, they are equal in terms of appearance, but you’re paying for the durability of brass over copper.

Knowing what to consider when choosing outdoor lighting keeps you from making a blunder that may affect the appeal of your beautiful home. Stylighting has the most advanced lighting solutions, offering amazing products like LED A19 light bulbs. A simple switch to these bulbs can change the ambiance of any location.

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