How Long Can LED Flat Panel Lights Last?

Proper lighting is a key element in creating a relaxing environment. In recent decades, we’ve seen a shift toward LED becoming the primary light option for homes and businesses worldwide. In particular, LED flat panels provide businesses with a comforting, tranquil atmosphere, perfect for transforming any space from dark and dreary to an inviting space. And once you learn how long LED flat panel lights can last, you should jump at the chance to make the swap.

Why LED Flat Panels?

Modern flat panels provide a safer, more practical alternative to dated lighting systems like fluorescent or incandescent fixtures. Breaking fluorescent light bulbs may release a tiny amount of mercury vapor, a toxic substance that could be a health hazard. Furthermore, it is against the law for enterprises to throw out these bulbs once they burn out, which is far more often than their LED counterparts.

Longevity of LED Flat Panels

Despite proclamations from various manufacturers, LED flat panels can last anywhere from 30,000 hours on the low end to 50,000 hours at their peak. However, these estimates may not reflect how people use lighting. This oversimplification also ignores that certain buildings have varying illumination requirements throughout the day.

Factors That Affect Longevity

Numerous variables affect how long LED flat panels last. If you check all the boxes, your LED flat panels can last two or more presidential elections.

Too Much Power

Pushing luminaires past their accepted power range may dramatically diminish their lifespan. LED lights need a steady power source to achieve optimal performance and longevity. This power source, known as a driver, guarantees an optimum power supply, which in turn aids in regulating and managing voltage.

In the infancy stages of LED lighting, luminaire drivers would be too much for plastic capacitors, causing most to flame out after a year. It wasn’t until manufacturers replaced the inferior capacitors with ceramic material before LED usage became widespread.

Ambient Temperature

It’s common knowledge that an LED light bulb’s life span differs based on the room’s ambient temperature. Any ambient temperature increase could damage the bulb’s driver and inner workings, rendering it useless. The best strategy to ensure ambient temperature has little to no effect is to put LED lights where heat can disperse and cooling can occur.

The answer to how long LED flat panel lights last depends on outside factors and your intended usage. But generally, you’ll get a long-lasting fixture that surpasses the other options. Stylighting has top-of-the-line LED flat panel lights to illuminate your surroundings, so upgrade today!

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