What Are the Different Types of Edison Screw Bases?

We take for granted what Thomas Edison did by inventing the lightbulb. He went through all his tests to determine precisely how much power a bulb needed to illuminate. And here we are, just screwing and unscrewing bulbs, not understanding the science behind it all. So let’s get a brief science lesson on the different types of Edison screw bases and how they work.

Candelabra E12

The most typical use for E12 bulbs is in ornate candelabras. Intricate chandeliers and ceiling lights might benefit from a smaller screw base, allowing designers more room to get creative. Therefore, most E12 bulb wattages are under 40W.

Accent or decorative lighting is where you’ll most often find E12 bulbs since their primary purpose isn’t to provide maximum brightness. Typical applications for E12 lamp holders include scones and other outdoor fixtures. Because of their widespread use in ornamental lighting, E12 bulbs’ aesthetic quality is paramount.

This type of screw base aims to simulate a candlelight appearance. For that reason, you don’t want anything that’s overwhelmingly bright. A CCT of 2400K should suffice and provide the light that mimics a candle well.

Intermediate E17

E17 screw bases resemble an E12 bulb, considering you’ll find them in chandeliers, scones, and decorative lights. However, intermediate bulbs are prominent in many of our household appliances.

That light in the fridge that lets us see what we’re grabbing during the middle of the night is usually an E17 screw base. The same is true of the lights inside our ovens, microwaves, and range hood. Again, these lights aren’t bright enough to supply quality lighting for certain tasks, but they’re helpful in these specific areas.

Medium or Standard E26

The ease with which you can find a suitable lamp holder or fixture is largely due to the widespread use of E26 bulbs. In most cases, you won’t even need any special equipment or time to assemble the installation parts.

Edison bases’ stiffness and the strength of their screw threads make them some of the safest options for bulb placement. Because of this, they’re great for use in areas prone to tremors. There will be less of a chance of electrical failure since dust and dirt won’t be able to get into the contact points, thanks to the snug fit in the screw base.

Mohul E39

Mohul screw bases are the biggest you’ll find. Mohul bases consist of porcelain to accommodate the higher temperatures of more powerful lights. Mohul screw bases are common in the industrial world, where bright lighting is paramount.

Learning about the different types of Edison screw bases helps you appreciate what each one does. Stylighting has high-lumen Edison bulbs in stock. Whether you want candlelight illumination or something brighter, we can help you find the best and brightest bulb today!

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