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Lighting matters. It’s more than flipping a switch; high-quality lighting solutions don’t just illuminate your space, they improve the quality of your life. Whether it’s home, work or recreation, great lighting allows you to safely navigate spaces, successfully complete tasks and accomplish your goals.

Stylighting understands this and it’s why we offer only the highest-quality, most energy-efficient lighting. With decades of experience lighting commercial and residential spaces, we know what it takes to not just illuminate a space, but create a healthier environment for everything from reading to meetings. We’re constantly working to find and offer innovative, industry-leading lighting solutions so we can bring you even more superior lighting solutions.


We partner with leading lighting manufacturers to bring you an extensive offering of high-caliber products. Our diverse selection includes LED fixtures and bulbs, specialty shapes, color temperatures, beam spreads, grow lights and more. We’re committed to partnering with companies who do the same.

It’s important to us to work with manufacturers experienced in crafting comprehensive lighting solutions and maintaining a cutting-edge approach to bulbs and fixtures. This allows us to offer you the best lighting on the market using our expert eye for modern design and functionality.

If you have an office, warehouse or home that needs a better lighting solution, then Stylighting is the place to go. We also offer horticulture grow lights for residential customers growing herbs, vegetables and flowers at home. To meet the lighting needs of a diverse range of applications, the Stylighting collection includes varying shape, wattage and color temperature options.   


When you purchase products from Stylighting, you can be confident that you’re receiving outstanding lights that deliver great illumination, long-lasting performance and energy-efficient LED technology that will help you keep electric bills low. Our Solistic products deliver healthier lighting than traditional fluorescent bulbs by reducing your exposure to blue light, which causes eye strain and also makes it difficult for you to relax and get to sleep. Solistic lighting utilizes an advanced LED chip engineered to mimic the characteristics of natural sunlight, eliminating the harsh UV and blue peaks emitted by other fixtures.

Our mission is to offer lighting that is so much more than just a bulb screwed into a socket. We work to deliver premium bulbs and fixtures that brighten living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, offices, warehouses and more with healthier, longer-lasting light. 


Stylighting is here for all of your commercial and residential lighting needs because we understand that better lighting means better living. If you need help determining the best lighting solution for your space, connect with us and we can assist you in finding the perfect bulb or fixture for you. Send us a message with any questions you have and one of our lighting consultants will work with you to identify the product or solution that’s best for you.

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