Tips for Choosing LED Lights for a Manufacturing Facility

There are countless reasons why your business will benefit from using LED lighting systems throughout your building. They help save energy bill costs, improve lighting quality, promote a safer working environment, and even improve people’s moods. Moreover, LEDs are highly applicable to industrial settings! Before you purchase your light bulbs, read these three tips for choosing LED lights for a manufacturing facility.

Understanding the Different Types of LEDs

Before investing in an LED lighting system for your facility, you must understand the different types of bulbs. If you look at our online light bulb store, you’ll find a few different styles of LEDs, including filament lamps, shaped filaments, PAR lamps, and flat panels. Filament LED lamps look similar to traditional filament bulbs, and shaped filaments are simply decorative lighting solutions.

On the other hand, PAR lamps and flat panel LEDs are perfect for manufacturing facilities and related working environments. Flat panels, for instance, cover large areas of the ceiling and produce high lumens. Plus, their flat design makes them exceptionally durable. PAR lamps are also highly suitable for commercial applications, as they’re sturdy and emit good-quality light.

Durability Is Essential

We’ve mentioned that durability is a desirable characteristic of an LED lighting system for a manufacturing facility, but why is it so important? Unlike residential lighting solutions, workplace light bulbs are more susceptible to damage and malfunctions due to more hazardous environments and extended use. As such, you want LEDs that last a long time, regardless of the conditions. Luckily, we carry highly durable lighting solutions here for your shopping convenience!

Prioritize the Quality of Lighting

The lighting quality of your LED should be your number one priority, as the cost of repeatedly replacing poor-performing bulbs is counterproductive to any business. Consider choosing LED lights with lifespans of 50,000 hours or more. This will limit the number of times you need to swap them out. Additionally, find products that offer more control and customization, such as color-selectable LEDs with dimming capabilities. These can improve your lighting conditions and even help you save on energy consumption costs.

Follow these tips for choosing LED lights for your manufacturing facility to ensure a more productive and affordable working environment. Check out our quality selection of LEDs and other lighting systems to find the perfect solutions for you and your business.

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