Should You Leave Grow Lights on All the Time?

Sadly, no magic beans allow plants to grow as fast as Jack’s giant beanstalk. Still, we do whatever we can to see our indoor crops thrive. One such method people turn to is shedding light on their plants continuously. While that logic makes sense, you might wonder if you should always leave on grow lights.

The Small Amount of Good News

The primary—and arguably—only benefit of leaving grow lights on 24/7 is ensuring your plants get enough light. Theoretically, the more light plants receive, the quicker they develop.

Your plants will develop more rapidly if you keep the lights on 24 hours a day when vegging. However, this method has major drawbacks. Constant light is not viable during blooming. If you don’t cut down the lighting to 12 hours a day, the blooming period could be poor.

Around-the-clock daylight for blooming plants will lead to a catastrophe. It will be very difficult, if not impossible, to coax your plants back into blooming after they have returned to the vegging stage.

The Overwhelmingly Amount of Bad News

The list of disadvantages is much longer than the benefits of constant lighting. While the plants grow faster with constant light, it doesn’t give them rest, leading to weaker crops.

Consider the way humans operate: You could accomplish a lot during the day, but you’ll eventually hit a wall come nighttime. Your plants are similar—they also need rest every now and then.

Your plants aren’t the only things going into overdrive when the lights are always on. It’s also strenuous for your equipment. If you leave the lights on all day and night, the bulbs and circuits are working nonstop. This causes strain, which shortens their lifespan. Consider these factors when deciding how long to leave grow lights on.

Additionally, keeping your lights on all the time can make your home hot. It also prevents the nighttime cooling your plants would otherwise enjoy. Avoid putting your plants through heat stress.

Turn Off the Lights

If your only resort to growing your plants is to leave the lights on day and night, it’s time to think of a better strategy. It’s not advisable to leave grow lights on for an excessive amount of time. Opt for a new lighting setup conducive to their growth that doesn’t give you a $500 electric bill.

Without adequate light throughout the vegging stage, your plants won’t be able to blossom, and you won’t have a healthy harvest. However, running your lights nonstop during vegging will have no positive effect on the plants’ health.

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