Why LED Grow Lights Can Maximize the Yield of Indoor Gardens

One of the largest developments for indoor gardening in years is using grow lights over obsolete methods. While employing LEDs to grow plants is becoming more widespread, useful strategies for making the most of this new technology may still be confusing. Here’s why using LED grow lights can maximize the yield of indoor gardens to give you confidence in making the switch. 

Develops the Spectrum

The spectrum of LED growth lights is likely the most crucial component regarding how effectively your plants develop. Every colored LED emits illumination at a limited wavelength; therefore, you must use several lights to find the correct intensity. Once you find the best combination of wavelengths for your plants to flourish, you should have a thriving garden.

Thus, using a light with the whole spectrum is essential. Most LED growth lights depend on a light spectrum that is just right for keeping plants alive and don’t have any other spectra.


One way to ensure your indoor garden receives the appropriate lighting to develop is strategically placing reflective materials around the grow space to distribute light more evenly. When we think of reflective materials, we immediately think of mirrors. However, mirrors reflect less light than you would expect.

While we see reflected imagery clearly in a mirror, because the mirror’s surface is bouncing light to create the image, pairing LED lights with orca film or mylar is a dynamic combination that guarantees the most effective results.

Expands the Coverage

Even a little amount of back-and-forth movement of an LED grow light above your garden can enable light to reach areas of the plant that would otherwise have shadows if the light were motionless. Although this applies to various indoor grow lights, many regular gardens have found it more difficult to find the right balance because of poor light quality, reflectors, and temperature. LED grow lights can solve each problem because of their proficiency.

Keeps Things Consistent

It’s crucial to maintain continuity for your indoor garden. Any slight deviance from your typical setup will make a difference. Without consistency, it may be difficult to identify the root source of any problems (or advantages) that arise.

Many develop the habit of experimenting to find the perfect setup, but being a mad scientist disrupts your garden’s consistency. Plants are no different than human beings in that they prefer a routine. If you wake up at 7:00 am every day, you will be out of sorts if you suddenly woke up an hour early or an hour late. Similarly, your indoor garden has its version of circadian rhythm that you cannot disrupt.

Understanding why LED grow lights can maximize the yield of indoor gardens illustrates how integral they are in the growing process. You can count on Stylighting to offer you the most elite horticulture lights available! We carry a wide variety of grow lights for various stages of growth, so you will always have reliable equipment.

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