The Best Lighting Solutions for Windowless Rooms

Rooms without windows can dampen anyone’s mood. That feeling of solitude and darkness can wear on you over the day, so it’s imperative that you have a reliable light source to look at the bright side of things. These lighting solutions for windowless rooms can go a long way toward mimicking natural light.

Use Pastel Colors for the Room

Before you even dabble with lighting solutions, address the room as it is. Rooms without natural light will appear even darker than they are. Dark colors absorb light, whereas brighter hues provide liveliness and reflect light in a dark space. Although white wallpaper and ceilings are fantastic for bouncing light around a gloomy room, you’re better off going with a warmer ivory or cream.

Pastel lights give the room a colorful flair and make things look brighter. You can take this a step further by mixing and matching fixtures with pastel tones, making the room feel open and breathable. Pairing light wallpaper with the appropriate carpet and furniture can illuminate the dungeon-like atmosphere.

Another fun trick to try is installing smart LED strips beneath your furnishings. The shine of the LED strips gives the illusion that the room is bigger while allowing you to see where things are.

Use the Best Bulbs for Mimicking Natural Light

The most important thing a windowless space lacks is natural light; thus, you must recreate it. An adjustable smart bulb with warm-to-cool white light is ideal for simulating sunlight. A cooler blue light source can help you feel invigorated and energized if you spend time in your windowless room in the early hours or throughout the day. As the sun starts to set, use warmer, subdued lighting to mimic twilight and calm your body and mind.

Overhead Fixtures & Desk Lamps

Illuminating one portion more fiercely than another in a room without windows produces a stark contrast. You can do your best to even things out with overhead lighting. A solitary ceiling fixture delivers a homogeneous wash of light throughout a smaller space. If your dimly lit room is larger, add spotlights or recessed lighting to fill in the gaps left by the ceiling fixture.

In addition to overhead lighting, lamps are crucial light sources in windowless rooms. You will have to overcome your natural intuition of using a lampshade to restrict the light it emits. Instead, opt for a table lamp that sends light upwards.

Mirror, Mirror on the Walls

All windowless rooms should have a mirror. Mirrors create depth, bounce light from one end of the room to the other, and may even create the illusion of a window, depending on the mirror you select. If you choose a rectangular mirror, it could feel like seeing the outside world, even if it’s only tricking the mind. There’s no magic number of mirrors that a room requires. You aren’t restricted to just one, but you don’t want it to feel like it’s a funhouse, either!

Hopefully, these lighting solutions for windowless rooms work like a charm and brighten up your space. The Solistic sunlight light bulbs at Stylighting offer indoor lighting that mimics sunlight for any windowless room! These magnificent bulbs save energy and bring life into any room that needs it.

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