Debunking 5 Common Misconceptions About LED Light Bulbs

Finding the perfect lighting for your residential or commercial building is no easy task – many options are available on the market, complicating your final choice. However, LED light bulbs are an excellent solution that is often misunderstood. Read on as we debunk five common misconceptions about LEDs.

Misconception One: LEDs Produce Poor Quality Lighting

Many people prefer the familiar glow of a traditional incandescent light bulb, leading to the misconception that LED lighting is poorer in quality. However, LED lighting systems are more technically advanced than standard filament lights, providing you with more customization when it comes to your lighting conditions.

LEDs offer a wider range of color temperatures, hues, wattages, and dimming capabilities. Plus, we at Stylighting carry filament LED light bulbs that produce a pleasant glow while still benefiting from the energy-saving characteristics of LED technology!

Misconception Two: LEDs Are Ever Lasting

Some individuals mistakenly hear claims that LED light bulbs last forever, giving them a “too-good-to-be-true” impression. Unfortunately, LEDs do not function infinitely; their typical lifespan of 50,000 hours is significantly higher than traditional lighting solutions. For instance, a compact fluorescent lasts about 10,000 hours, while a traditional incandescent light bulb might last 1,000 hours. So, while not everlasting, LEDs last longer than other lighting options.

Misconception Three: LEDs Are Too Expensive

LED technology is so advanced that many people might mistakenly believe that the costs of investing in one of these lighting systems are too steep. In truth, LEDs are typically more expensive up-front than other light bulbs. Yet, the energy-saving capabilities and durable characteristics of LED light bulbs make them significantly more affordable in the long run. Switching to LEDs can dramatically cut down your monthly energy bills.

Misconception Four: LED Installation Requires New Fixtures

Another prevalent misconception regarding LEDs that often discourage individuals from investing in them is that the installation will require all new lighting fixtures. The prospect of replacing a residential or commercial building’s fixtures is nightmarish – luckily, this isn’t typically true. Most LEDs will fit right in with many standard light fixtures. Additionally, there is plenty of variety in LED light bulbs, from flat panels to PAR lamps.

Misconception Five: LED Lighting Systems Are Only for Residential Environments

LED light bulbs are practical lighting options for all types of buildings, including commercial. The many cost-effective benefits of switching to LED lights make it an excellent solution for larger facilities, such as office buildings, governmental buildings, and schools. Work with our team at Stylighting to find the best solutions for your commercial requirements.

By debunking these five common misconceptions about LED light bulbs, it’s clear they’re an excellent solution for your building. Check out our selection of LED light products today!

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